Blog Post #1: A Review on E-Lit

Electronic Literature seemed like a distinct type of portal that takes you beyond the wrath of tangible means of reading books. Coming into this class I had no idea what it meant to find different ways of finding literature that is tastefully meant to be read on an electronic basis. There are many ways electronic literature can be effective in this day in age.

In a technological era, it has become convenient to effectively read pieces online. When I came upon my first piece of electronic literature I thought it was a clever way to engage readers to look beyond the surface of just the words. Making the reading an interactive experience, keeps reader engaged making them want to read further. For me, it was very hard to want to continue reading a piece that I found no interest in. In order for me to keep reading a lengthy piece, I would have to feel somewhat engaged.

My first encounter with electronic literature had to be during my first year of college. When learning about this class, I knew there would be more encounters. Reading pieces like “little red riding hood”, and others so far this semester, I can now see through clear analysis that electronic literature can really be something great if done correctly.


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