Blog Post #2: A Review of Tailspin

This piece took me on a whirlwind. I didn’t expect to get so musically and dramatically involved in a piece that forced me to click through different portals to put pieces of story that by the end felt incomplete. Clicking through the revolving spirals reminded me of my doodling I used to do during a boring class. On the other hand, I felt as if the spirals had somewhat of a significance to them.

As I progressed through the reading, I noticed the sounds were become more dramatic and extremely gloomy. Listening to several heart beats, and fast paces noises as if airplanes were coming to a crash was a great was to correspond the sound with the story. It was almost like the story took you on a never ending adventure, because at one point you thought it would be the end until you find another swirl to click on.

Christine Wilks does a great job at making sure the reader is engaged as well as having emotion put into each section of her e-lit piece. I enjoyed this piece for the interactivity, solidarity, and the all-around tone of where the story lead to towards the end.


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